June 7, 2013

TILTW: 6.1-6.7.13

june 1 to june 7, twenty-thirteen

No matter how hard I try (which, I admit, isn't too hard), I just don't understand people who don't enjoy a good steak every now and again.

Double rainbow!

Playing in the sand beside your near 3.5 year old at the beach kicks ass even if it is barely 50 degrees and wind tries knocking you over.

Playing in the sand when it's sunny out and a 20 degrees warmer is even more fun. (Thank you for no 90 degrees!)

Watching your child take to something with such glee is beyond awesome. Lovie is a big big fan of swimming (whilst being inside a small inner tube).

Vacationing with a near 3.5 year old is so SO much fun! Looks like next time we have to extend our stay or maybe go again in the fall.

Take Lovie to the bathroom before you go anywhere no matter what. Don't ask, just take her... or she may end up pissing herself and the sand she's standing on before you get to the water's edge. Or something.

This portable potty thing is absolutely invaluable. (But you still need to sit your kid on the toilet before going anywhere or after a long drive.)

I still don't care for kid tattoos.


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  1. I totally considered getting one of those portable potty things, but aside from one or two leaks, he hasn't pissed his carseat in a long time.

    Oh, and I totally hate sand. I'm a party pooper at the beach.


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