June 10, 2013

Father's Day gift idea!

tell me this isn't adorable. i dare you!

i can't wait to get this printed and put into a frame. this was not hard to do at all and was totally free. simply create a collage on picmonkey.com. don't upload anything but make the color all the same (i made it all gray).  save. then start editing a new photo and upload what you saved (the gray collage), then upload YOUR OWN overlay (the pic you want) and fade it a bit. save. then enter whatever text you want (i like the different size text) after interviewing your child.  boom.


  1. omg... SO CUTE!!!!!!!! What an awesome idea!

  2. I love this so much - and canNOT WAIT til he is talking and can do something like this. I may/may not be making a dozen play characters for T to give B made out of thousands of perler beads. So. I'm kinda crazy right now.


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