March 3, 2013

baby items still being used or talked about 3 years later

My very best friend in the whole wide world happens to also be my cousin. She's pregnant and due in June with her first. She wants to register for only the basics, so I thought I'd put together a list of must have's--from my perspective--for things to get for baby's arrival:

#1: The IKEA Gulliver crib. $99. One of the sides comes down when the child starts climbing out. Lovie still sleeps in this as we just took the side down several months back.

#2: The Miracle Blanket: $32. It's not called the Miracle Blanket for nothin'. Really. Babies love to be swaddled. They're swaddled when they're baking away so swaddle them when they're done baking. Makes sense to me. And this blanket will assure you get it right. We obviously don't still use it today, but think back on the early days with much gratitude towards this product.

#3: Noise machine. Not sure as it was a gift one Christmas before I was even pregnant. Still using!

#4: Little lamb swing. $85 though I got a huge deal. Regardless, it was worth every penny. I'm not sure how we would've gotten any sleep those first several months without it.

#5: The Tiny Love Classic Mobile. $35. Not only did Lovie adore this thing once we put it up, but she still has the music/night light part of it on her bed- and still uses it every single night.

#6: Diaper Genie. $30. You may think you'll take out the garbage every day and maybe you will, but there will be times this thing will become a godsend. 

#7: Expedit shelving unit. $140. This piece has been amazing for Lovie's room. You can put cube boxes in it or not. So much storage for any and everything. Awesome piece of furniture.

#8: Malm dresser. $70. We put a changing table pad atop and voila- dresser and changing table. Still using today as a dresser.

#9: Dr. Brown's Formula Mixer pitcher: $15. Dude. This thing. If you have to give formula, you want this thing to mix your formula in. Please believe me. It eliminates much of the bubbles and you can make a big batch at a time.

#10: Costco membership. $55 a year. This is a must to get their baby wipes, diapers, etc.

#11: Amazon mom and Prime Membership. $79 a year. Look for the free trial!! Worth every penny. Do the Subscribe and Save for Diapers!! We still use this today (not for diapers). You get free second day air on any Prime products. And there are a TON. LOVE LOVE LOVE Amazon.

#12: Infant car seat carrier cover. $25. Even if you're not in a car often (BFF lives in NYC), if you go for walks etc when it's cold, this thing is invaluable when they're little and still in an infant carrier. 


  1. Duuuude... the Expidit rocks! And now it's starting to have stickers all over it, or toddler patina if you will.

    Also, the Dr. Brown's mixer IS awesome. I haven't used it yet with The Little Boy, but luuuuurved it when I had to supplement The Boy.

    And might I add flannel Gerber barf cloths, Aden and Anais swaddling blankets and, though she's totally hyped up, Sophie.

    I can't believe it's time for your cousin's shower.

  2. All of my kids have a sound machine and I think they always will. They are a god-send!

    Your list is really good! Great work!


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