December 19, 2014

December: is this thing on?

not sure if anyone still checks in here or not, but just in case or just in case i go back one day to print stuff out for Lovie, figure i'd update a bit...

Saw Santa the other weekend. Not the mall one but a different one. It was fun. Lovie was excited to see him, Frosty, and Rudolph who she high fived and hugged a bunch. 
Speaking of Santa, Lovie wasn't feeling so great the other day so we stayed home and finally took advantage of some down time with compiling an official list for big guy. She's come a long way with writing and spelling. I love it so much. I helped her very little-- mostly by just enunciating letters for her to be able to spell with more confidence.

Pretty sure you can make out some of this list... .like AIRPLANE, CAT (toy) on the first line there. The second line is BYRB HYRS (Barbie Horse) and under that is CIDS (Kids- Barbie kids). Not sure about the W. Then she has FIRTRUC (firetruck) and HOOS (house- Barbie). Then she wants a POPCORN MACR (maker) and WASHING MASHEN (mashine).


Been making treats to gift away and found a new, easy, favorite: Chocolate Toffee Christmas CRACKer. Holy shit is it ridiculously tasty.

You just layer a pan lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with cookie spray with crackers. Then boil a cup of butter and brown sugar, stirring frequently, for about five minutes after it boils. Pour this atop the crackers and spread a bit. Bake in 400 degree oven till it starts bubbling. Throw on some chocolate chips and let melt, then spread. Sprinkle whatever, if anything, on top. Let cool and holy moly cannoli. I stored it in the freezer thinking it would help keep me away from it... WRONG.


This festive house is a couple streets from us and we love driving by it every night.


Finally... my sweet baby doll is turning F I V E on the 29th.

We're actually having two freaking parties for her- one on the 28th and one on January 3rd.

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