August 22, 2014

images from last weekend

Sorting beads. I've been looking into ways to strengthen Lovie's grip so that writing may come a bit more easier to her and, in the meantime, discovered she LOVES beads. So we bought a ton the other week and last weekend, we sorted all of them by animals, "jewels", plain beads, teddy bears. This took some time to do and it was a lovely way to do something that didn't involve the damn television. Can't wait for her to start making necklaces, etc.

The infamous IKEA Kura bed. We've had it for a couple years now but just now finally turned it so that it's a loft bed and Lovie's in love with it! She says the area under her bed is her secret hiding spot. We (she and I) even have a secret password, just for the two of us, when it's time to go into the secret hide-out. :)

Probably my most favorite activity to date. I wrote and drew with white crayon on white paper and then Lovie painted with water colors over the paper to discover words and shapes, etc. Oh my was this a blast. So much fun. She couldn't get enough of it and I can't wait to do more. And again, another activity that didn't involve the TV. 


  1. Love Ikea. Our oldest son's first bed was from there. Sorting beads in fantastic fine motor activity!

    1. Heya Robbie! :)
      Yeah Lovie's entire room is IKEA- bed, little table & chairs, dresser, bookshelf. We didn't plan it that way, but why not? Heck, even the easel is from IKEA!

  2. Love the crayon idea!! Did you use while chalk or the ones "in wood", the dictionary doesn´t give a precise answer...

    1. Hi Iris!
      I used regular white Crayola crayon. Hope this helps.
      It's a lot of fun and I can't wait to make gifts out of some of this artwork. :)


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