June 6, 2014

just trying to hang on

It's been a while, eh?

Things were a bit hectic there for a while.

Between work, stuff at home, sickness, vacation, and preschool graduation...

...we've been keeping quite busy.

I can't believe this sweet little doll is quickly approaching 4 and a half. Shortly after this milestone, she'll be starting a new school. A real school. No more daycare/preschool stuff.

We've done a ton of research the past several years and we're so very excited to see what her new adventure at Montessori school will bring. Absolutely cannot wait to see how she thrives. Girlfriend is so super close to reading, it's crazy to me. So far she can spell her first and last names, Mama, Dad, Stop, Pink, No, and she has truly mastered telling me letters that are in just about any word!! Particularly what they start with. Last night, for example, she asked me how to spell Soccer Ball and before I could oblige she told me there was an S and a B in it. She amazes me. On a daily basis, she amazes me. And I have a feeling that once she gets into a groove at her new school, there just won't be much stopping her.


  1. They amaze me! My daughter will be starting school in September and I'm all weepy thinking about how fast it's gone.

  2. It is so scary how fast our children grow up. My youngest, who will be a Junior in high school next year, but is still 15 has been awarded an IT internship for the summer, which means I am very proud and will be very lonely... He is almost 6 foot 3" and hardly looks like a high school student. Two years ago, w we playing in the river at the university park! Enjoy every minute with Lovie, soon, she, too will be all grown up.Brenda


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