April 7, 2014

b is for busy

so so busy at work lately.
leaves little time for fun stuff like blogging.
it's all good. hopefully you are too.

here's a couple fun pictures of life with Lovie lately:

bikes rides on new (to us) PINK Barbie bike
if you don't know who this is, you shouldn't be reading this blog

went for some Schnitzel the other weekend. heh.


  1. It took me WAY too long to figure out who that doll was! I still belong! hehe

    But that pic with the alphorn is the best ever!

  2. Schnitzel in Switzerland? I´d expect raclette or fondue ;-) Isn´t Schnitzel from Austria originally? OK, I really should stop doing this! But my Aunt I love best is from Switzerland.
    Hmmm, Schnitzel. Now I´m hungry!


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