September 4, 2013

so in love

I fell in love with my nephew Jordan when he was around Lovie's current age (3.5+). Of course I loved him when he was born 21+ years ago, but I fell in love with him around 3.5 or 4. I'm guessing that's partly due to the fact that his parents were very much wrapped up in their own turmoil and paid no mind to the children at that time. You know, because kids are so clueless and all.

Then when Jordan was barely 4 and his mom left, I took over as mom. I just had to do it because I promised myself that I would never allow a child in my life (biologically mine or not) to be poorly effected by divorce. I knew I wasn't a cure-all, but I also knew that I would do anything I could to protect their innocence.

I learned a lot from the four years I lived with Jordan... but most importantly, I learned about unconditional love and guidance and nurturing. And how children are incredibly amazing little sponges. I also realized that I absolutely had to become a parent one day. 

It's been over three and a half years now since all of my dreams have come true. Honest to god. No, it's not all roses and puppy dogs and sweet snuggles and giggles. But, overall... it kind of is.

these two & this picture ... what's not to love?

Lovie is my absolute everything, and while Jordan is "only" my nephew and not technically my child, there will always be a special place for him in my heart.

Being a mom is the greatest gift ever. I feel immensely blessed on a daily basis.

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